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Distinguished Argentines in the Midwest: Esther Sciammarella

The Argentine community in the Midwest of the United States has the characteristic of being composed by prominent figures in the scientific, academic, cultural and business fields.

Through the section "Distinguished Argentines in the Midwest” the Consulate has the intention to display the achievements of our citizens in this region and their relationship with Argentina.

We believe it is a good way to getting closer to our connationals, knowing their concerns and discussing ways to improve the relationship between the Consulate and our community.
In this context, on March 29th, the Consulate was pleased to interview Esther Sciammarella.

Esther was born in Buenos Aires and came to the United States in 1968.

She is currently the Executive Director of the Hispanic Health Coalition in Chicago, which mission lies in getting the Hispanic community access to a good health system, regardless of their immigration status in the United States.

Throughout her career, Esther has promoted the development of social programs and supported the creation of educational courses to inform people about the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes and lupus.

She has also undertaken actions to improve the situation of people with mental health illnesses and to reverse the stigma that many of them have to face.

Thanks to her long career helping the Latino community in the city of Chicago, Esther was awarded by the newspaper La Raza with the 'Legacy' award under the 2016 “Mujeres Destacadas” event.

For further information on “Mujeres Destacadas” please visit La Raza website:

Congratulations and thank you very much Esther!

Consulate General of Argentina in Chicago
Thursday April 28, 2016

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